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Winners are not people
who never fail,
but people who never quit!


Coach Juno

Volleyball Trainer

Coach Juno has been coaching volleyball since 2008.  His level of expertise comes not only from his 6 years of playing volleyball but also from his coaching at all levels.  Juno has coached club players from age 11-18, High school athletes and at the collegiate level. From a coaching perspective, Juno's style is all about finding a way for the athlete to learn best.  This might be repetitive reps, Listening to what needs to be done or changed and event just showing them thru his work with the move or recording and play back.

Our Services

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

Vincent van Gogh

Above the Net

Outstanding Quality

We believe that every moment of volleyball training is a good moment. Each session athletes learn more about themselves and how to adjust to improve their skills.

There is no bad practice on the volleyball court

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