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Serve Me a Question - I’ll Volley You an Answer

What can I expect from training.

Each session will be different.  Some may seem very fast paced and active while others may seem slower and more detailed, while working on specific movements like footwork, angles passes, directional or specific setting skills.

How long is each training?

Each session is 1 hr long.  You are allowed to book 2 back to back hours but it is not recommended if it is for private training.  If you would like to book 1 hr of private training then 1 hour or dual or group training that is ok.

How many people in each session?

This depends on the type of session you book.  If it is Dual Training or Group training you will work with the other athletes to decide on a date that works for everyone and book it.  If it is Positional Training this can have up to 8 athletes in each session.

What should I bring to my session?

Everything you would normally bring to a practice you should bring to a training session.

Where do the trainings take place?

Currently all our trainings are in a private gym in Newberg Oregon.  Because it is a private location, we do not release the address until you are booked.  Once confirmed we will send you the address.

Can I record my session?

If you would like to set up a phone to record your session that is fine as long as it does not interfere with the training. From time to time we will record your training to do play backs and show you what move we are trying to correct so you can see yourself doing the moves and be able to adjust.

Are parents allowed to stay and watch?

Yes, we 100% encourage parents to stay and watch trainings.  This helps with a few things. Occasionally they can help shag balls, they are able to see your progression, they can see what you are learning and sometimes we will use them as a target or blocker for your training.

What age groups do you work with?

We work with all athletes from age 8 – 24.  We have many athletes who come in for trainings while home from college to continue to get more training in and we have brand new volleyball athletes that are coming in to learn the basics.

Is my session only about volleyball?

No. We will work with you on things other than just volleyball skills.  Part of being a great athlete is also knowing how to warm up, proper stretching, some cool down moves and stretches.  We can and often do also provide you with specific moves to help with your back, ab and arm muscles.  On top of that we can provide you with drills to help with your vertical as well as speed on the court.

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